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Reasons To Polish Your Floors

Polished concrete floors will protect your floors and give you a budget-friendly solution. It’s the perfect way to protect your warehouse, airplane hanger, business workspace, garage, industrial floors. Polishing your floors can not only protect your floors, but it also provides a clean modern look that is customizable to your needs.

Our professional contractors will review cracks, stains, patches, and discolorations and provide a free quote tailored to your business.

Being budget friendly while also providing a fresh new protective look, polished concrete floors are exactly what you need.

3 Reasons A Concrete Floor Is Exactly Right For You
Polished Concrete Floors Are Easy Maintenance

Compared to all other flooring options, concrete floors are hands down the most durable of all the solutions. The only thing you need to do is sweep up dust and run a wet mop over it. That is it, and you’re all done.

Polished Concrete Offers A Budget-Friendly Price

Polishing concrete is estimated to be as low as $2 per square foot depending on the desired look and service. Concrete floors have a number of options to create customized looks, such as adding your logo, adding epoxy with tints and dyes, adding in extra materials such as flaking, color tins, color tones, marble-like finishes, and rustic solutions to show character. 

Our Concrete Polishing is Sustainable And Includes A Longer-Term Warranty

The long term care of polished concrete is a low-cost maintenance cost in comparison to other floor solutions. Keep in mind that every floor needs maintenance, but with polished concrete, it can withstand chemicals, heavy machinery, high foot traffic, and more which offers less damage over time. The best part is with polished concrete, you don’t ever have to replace it, simply touch up polish in heavy use areas.

If you think a polished concrete floor is perfect for you (we do), please contact us for a consultation to talk about your concrete polishing project and how we can make it great