Concrete Floor Leveling

Concrete leveling is used for making precise, smooth surfaces with very high compressive power.

Professional Concrete Floor Leveling

At OC Concrete Floors, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, whether on residential home improvement or commercial projects. That is why our clients have made us the #1 Concrete Leveling contractors in the Riverside, Orange County, and Los Angeles areas.

Concrete Floor Leveling Benefits

A fast and Efficient New Trend

Concrete floor leveling is among the fastest and newest flooring trends for homeowners, architects, and commercial property owners. Don’t stay behind on this new trend, and enjoy the benefits of concrete floor leveling.


Concrete floor leveling is designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as it contains relatively few or no potentially irritating material.

Easy to Install

There are no complex procedures when it comes to concrete floor leveling. Concrete floor leveling is an easy process that doesn’t take too much time to install.

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OC Concrete Flooring is a California flooring company. We specialize in residential and commercial floor renovations. We provide concrete floor leveling services to all the Greater Los Angeles region, Orange County, and Riverside. We are one of the most trusted construction contractors for your renovation needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a self-leveling floor screed?
    • A self-leveling screeding compound contains latex as it is packed in a skinny layer, which helps give concrete floors the strength they need so they don’t crack on the surface. Once compounds are mixed and poured, they flatten over the uneven floor and use gravity to self-level.

  • Will self-leveling concrete crack?
    • For a few months, maybe even a few years, a DIY self-leveling cement job could look fine. But if not done properly, it can eventually start cracking. To guarantee that your concrete floor won’t crack, you have to hire a team of professionals. Like us!

  • How long will it take for you to finish my project?
    • This is all dependent on the size and space itself, which in turn depends on the nature of the project, residential or commercial. The job to create a completely level floor will take approximately one week.

  • Why Should OC Concrete Floors Be Hired To Do My Job?
    • Companies that want reliable and professional epoxy flooring know that we are the best option in the business. Give us a chance, and we’ll show you why!

  • What if your services do not cover what I need to be done?
    • At OC Concrete Floors, we have an excellent reputation on the west coast for our quality work and professionalism. If your project is outside our scope of services, we will refer you to a quality and reputable company to help you with your project.

We offer the highest quality flooring materials in Orange County, Riverside, and Los Angeles.

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