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OC #1 Professional Epoxy and Concrete Polishing Licensed Contractors

  • OC Concrete Floors Concrete Polishing

    Concrete Polishing

    Orange Crest

    We provide a number of solutions for concrete polishing to best fit your industry needs.

    Our concrete polishing experts will provide you with a cost effective solution.

  • Concrete polishing residential homes



    As Self leveling concrete contractors we have many functional design options available.

    The versatility of self leveling concrete is key when providing solutions.

  • concrete polishing orange country and orange crest

    Warehouse Concrete Polishing

    Orange Crest • Orange County • Los Angeles

    Our concrete epoxy solutions offer soft, slip-resistant, durable, moisture sealed epoxy
    that offers a professional yet functional surface for your industry.

  • corporate concrete polishing conctractors

    Corporate Concrete Polishing

    Orange Crest • Orange County • Los Angeles

    Our concrete epoxy solutions offer soft, slip-resistant, durable, moisture sealed epoxy
    that offers a professional yet functional surface for your industry.

  • Los angeles concrete polshing floors

    Orange Crest • Orange County • Los Angeles

    #1 Concrete Polishing Contractors

    We provides services for a number of industries including Aerospace / Defense, Retail,
    Commercial, Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Office Space, Educational / Government, Hospitality, Public Buildings and more.

Featured Services

commcercial concrete polishing services

Commercial Concrete Polishing

Our concrete polishing professionals will resurface your new or existing concrete floors with your customizable desired finish. Our professionals can add color tints, epoxy layers for extra protection, epoxy flaking, self leveling concrete, or a customized finish.

industrial concrete polishing in orange crest

Industrial Concrete Polishing

Depending on your industry, our expers know your industry standards when it comes to your floors. No more explaining the list of requirements to your contractors, we've got you covered.

retail concrete polishing services

Retail Concrete Polishing

Revamping your existing retail floors using existing concrete is a great budget friendly solution. Heavy foot-traffic often decreases the quality of your floors, so polishing your concrete floors will increase the longevity, durability and decrease the maintenance.

warehouse concrete polishing services

Warehouse Concrete Polishing

Our professions understand that heavy fork lifts requie a flat surface to be effective. With our self-leveling concrete and grinding, we ensure even flooring accross your warehouse floors.

Airplane Hanger Concrete Polishing Contractors

Airplane Hanger Concrete Polishing

When it comes to hangers, we understand the concrete floors take a beating from multiple sources. We provide multiple layers of protection against multiple types of chemicals that can splash the floor while maintaining aircrafts.

parking garage concrete polishing services

Parking Garage Concrete Polishing

Parking garages have to endure consistent heavy vehicles and moving traffic, parking garage concrete floors must be incredibly durable and be properly installed to avoid deterioration of the garage concrete floors.

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Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

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Concrete Staining & Dyes

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Decorative Logos

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Resinous Flooring

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Moisture Control Systems

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Floor Leveling

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Floor Covering Demolition

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Concrete Toppings

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Concrete Underlayments

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Concrete Grinding

Heavy grinding is a great way to smooth existing concrete floors to provide a great shine with concrete polishing.

Concrete grinding will smooth down rough concrete surfaces to reveal a smooth and shiny surface. Our concrete experts process is to use high performance heavy duty concrete grinding machines with diamond-impregnated segments or disc to grind the floors quiality. In the process of grinding the concrete floors, the discts are gradually replaced with finer diamond grit discs. This process ensure the highest shine, smooth surface and reduction of imperfections.

Concrete floors after polishing
Concrete floors before polishing
Concrete floors close up after polishing
Concrete floors close up before polishing

Concrete Polishing

Polishing your existing concrete floors is a great way to improve your floors visually, improves durability, and descreases maintenance.

Polished concrete means you can stop waxing your floors, and reduce existing costs to maintain your floors. Our experts offer a free on-sight estimate to provide a fair cost friendly solution to improve your concrete floors. Turn your old drab floors into a high-gloss finish that never needs waxing or coatings. Polishing concrete floors offers superior durability and performance, this is why retail, commercial warehouse, office facilities, residential homes are all starting to polish their existing floors.

Epoxy Solutions

Epoxy floor coating not only provides exceptionally durable finishes, other benefits include protection from moisture, stains, grease and cracks.

Compared to other types of flooring options, epoxy floors per square foot cost is esspecially tough to beat. Since it can easily be applied directly over existing concrete floors, the installation costs are low. Pricing is one of the biggest advantages when it comes to epoxy floors, however an important factor is the moisture control. Epoxy provides a moisture barrier to your floors, and depending on the industry sometimes this is a requirement for your facility. Epoxy coatings in comparison to other flooring solutions maintains longer than many types of flooring. When epoxy is installed correctly, it can last for several decades without any cracking or peeling. Aside from it's durability, the lifespan makes it a popular choice for commercial and industrial use. In addition, it offers a wide range of color solutions to give a unique design.

concrete floors after epoxy resin has been applied
concrete floors before epoxy resin has been applied
Concrete polishing solutions for parking garages

Parking Garages & Decks

Polishing parking garages is a great way to reduce maintenance and increase durability that parking garage floors require from constant traffic.

Parking garages have to deal with constant moving traffic, heavy vehicles, gasoline and oil spills and tire marks that all require constant repair. Our parking garage concrete polishing contractors do in in-person estimate to help determine the best concrete polishing solutions. We understand that completing the project on time is of the upmost importance, as the parking garage inconveniences people. Polshing your garage floors is a great cost friendly solution for protecting the concrete from constant deterioration, and our experts are here to help.

Medical Concrete Solutions

Medical facilities have to maintain cleanliness, a polishing floor is not only visually pleasing it is easy to clean.

Polishing concrete leads to easier maintenance and faster cleaning. OC Concrete Floors have worked with multiple medical facilities and hospitals to hlep them meet their rspecific specifications and pass all requirent regulations in order to function properly and efficiently. Office concrete polishing is a great solution for doctor and patient areas, as it's spill resistent and offers a new modern look. Concrete epoxy is another great solutions, as it provides an additional design element that is low cost. OC Concrete floors can add your logo design into the concrete floors or give the concrete floor a tint or dramatic color layer to match the color scheme of decor.Our Polished Concrete contractors offer anti-microbial solutions to protect against any rapid infections. Moisture barrier solutions are a great way to protect your medical equipment. Talk to one of our concrete polishing experts today, we will visit your facility for a in-person estimate to provide the best concrete solotuions.

Medical Hopsital concrete polishing floors contractors
Concrete flooring epoxy and polishing solutions for educational facilities

School Flooring Solutions

Heavy foot traffic can wear down various floor types, so polihsing your educational facility floors means money can go towards education vs maintenance.

School floors take constant repair, polished concrete floors in a school is an easy way to lower maintenance and protect your schools floors. With our in-person estimate, our contractors will give you budget friendly concrete solutions to match school colors with epoxy floors, polish high traffic concrete floors, add shine or matte finishes depending on the desired look. Non-slip flooring is important to keep employees and children safe, polishing the floors is a great way to lower the slip factor with anti-slip finishes. We make sure to add the correct amount of coatings to improve the longevity of your floors, and with our long term warranty you can rest assured everything is covered.

Airplane Hanger Flooring

The concrete floors inside airplane hangers require the strongest epoxy coatings.

Our concrete solutions will match the amount of stress that a aircrafts apply over a long period of time. Our floors provide multiple layers of protection against various types of chemicals that come off while maintaining aircrafts. OC Concrete Floors offers a variety of durable and resistant flooring solutions to meet the demand your aircraft applies to the concrete floor. With our especially designed mixture of epoxies, we can brand your company air hanger as well offer a unlimited color options. Trust our concrete experts will offer you competitive pricing with solutions that are the best fit for your specific hanger.

airplane hanger concrete floor epoxy and polishing contractors

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How durable is your epoxy flooring materials?
    • Partnered with the best and most reputable resinous flooring manufacturers in the industry, our epoxy flooring systems stand up to the toughest traffic our customers can delivery. With years of experience installing quality flooring projects, our resinous systems are as durable as the substrate below. With flooring solutions as diverse as our customer base, we can offer a tailored system to fit our customer’s needs that is right for their industry, with consideration to the traffic, loads, impacts and environments their floor will face.

  • What Sets Your Epoxy Flooring Service Apart From The Others?
    • We aren’t just another flooring contractor – we are epoxy flooring specialists who understand the best ways to install what can be a challenging product and system. That means our team does quick and efficient work, but also that you can be confident the end result will last for years to come.

  • Why Should OC Concrete Floors Be Hired To Do My Job?
    • You’ll find lots of great reasons on our site, but here is the best one: When companies want reliable and professional epoxy flooring – done right the first time – they turn to us. You should, too.

  • What If Your Services Do Not Cover What I Need Done?
    • OC Concrete Floors has a great reputation on the west coast known for their quality work and professionalism. If your project is outside our wheel house of capabilities, we refer you to a quality and reputable company to help you on your project.

  • What Industries Do You Offer Your Epoxy Flooring Solutions?
    • OC Concrete Floors has worked with customers on the entire west coast, in a variety of industries. The industries we focus on include aerospace, food service, server and data, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, commercial as well as restaurants and auto dealerships. We are always up for new challenges and can handle virtually any size project in the commercial or industrial sector. In the past, we’ve completed projects for major companies like Taylor Dunn, H&M, Nordstrom, Petco, ESPN, Old Navy and countless others. These businesses turn to us because we are reliable, and our team of epoxy flooring specialists is the best in the industry.

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